I had this thought.

I have really hit and miss luck with getting commissions and selling my art work. But I do get very nice comments and responses when I ask for sketch promts so I can hopefully assume some people do actually like my art at least a little.

So the thought?

I’m gonna start internet busking.

I’m going to keep my ask box open for requests all the time. Any time you have something you would like to see me draw. Let me know. You can be anon. It can be twee fluff or filthy porn.

I will draw it if it’s something I feel like doing. You could get any thing from a pencil sketch to full colored fancy thing. It’s down to what I feel like doing.

So now I have a paypal donate button on my side bar and if you like what you got. Toss a buck or two in and help pay for my coffee. No minimum. Whatever you want. Or don’t. No obligation. Anything is welcome.

So yeah.

If it doesn’t work out then… well, I’ll take it down in shame and just probably keep drawing stuff for free because honestly I like drawing stuff for people.

I had a mild twinge of guilt about this. Feeling it was tacky because fandom is an act of love and I do believe in that. But as it is I actually don’t open to requests as much as I’d like to because it completely undermines the idea of selling commissions which is something I would like to do. I work only part time just so I can work on my art and writing. I would like to someday support myself with it. Reasonably I should not give away what I am trying to sell.

This way I think I can do more and make more people happy and maybe take steps to start supporting myself by doing what I love.