Is anyone else not getting notifications via dash or email when they get a follower?

  1. whipbogard said: they’re not consistent with the emails too. Sometimes I just get one email saying X number of ppl followed me. I haven’t seen dash notifications for a while now! :S
  2. starlords said: i don’t have emails turned on but i haven’t been getting any on my dash for a while
  3. thegirlinthebyakko said: I don’t get them either. I just sort of glance at the followers sidebar every now and then. I think I used to but it stopped around a week ago or so *shrug*
  4. hackedmotionsensors said: Yep. I don’t like when I get them by email but its not even showing on my dash anymore :\
  5. starkassembled said: yeah, I haven’t gotten any notifications in a little while.
  6. tardiscrash posted this
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